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David Green president of DMJ Casting


Founded in 1986, DMJ Casting Inc. is an artisan casting firm located in the heart of NYC's historic jewelry district. No client is too big or small for our team of committed casting professionals - we take pride in giving every DMJ customer our full and undivided time and effort.

At DMJ we're versed in working with both local and international clients – our team speaks over 10 languages and hails from all around the world! There is no limit to what this group can cast, though we do take particular pride in our best-selling platinum and palladium work.

With over 25 years of casting experience, you can trust DMJ to exceed your casting needs.


At DMJ Casting we keep our technology on the cutting edge of industry standards to guarantee our fast and reliable service.

We are well practiced in precious and non-precious metals work and specialize in crafting rare color alloys.
We also offer Cad design and printing services with our in-house specialist. Special requests are welcomed - even encouraged.

Contact our casting specialist for a consultation. We are always happy to discuss how we can serve your special needs.




62 W 47th St
# 508,
New York, NY 10036